Octagon Studio WEAR 4D+ Launching

Octagon Studio is ready to officially launch its original Augmented Reality (AR) clothing line. Officially dubbed “Wear 4D+,” the clothing line consists of casual, stylish T-Shirt bearing AR markers within their artistic and eye-catching design for kids.

The Wear 4D+ integrates an additional layer of excitement into everyday kid’s clothing by embedding AR markers onto a line of casual wear. Users may uncover hidden surprises contained within simply by scanning them with the Wear 4D+ app on smartphones or tablets.

“The general direction we’re heading as a company is to incorporate augmented reality innovations into our daily lives as much as possible. Since clothing is indeed one of the most basic elements essential for our daily lives, it’s only natural for us to infuse augmented reality properties into our premier clothing line.” Explained Vina, Octagon Studio’s COO.  

At present, the company’s AR clothing line consists of two original designs, namely the Polar Bear and the Baby Dino. The Polar Bear features a animation of a 3D polar bear exploring its surroundings, while the Baby Dino design reveals a dino hatchling breaking out of its shell.

The AR clothing line is fully supported by the Wear 4D+ app, available for down-
load for both iOS and Android devices. The Wear 4D+ application is specifically tailored to accommodate the implementation of Augmented Reality technology in clothing line.